Porirua Harbour Trust

One of the key roles of the Porirua Harbour and Catchments Community Trust is to be an advocacy body by way of submissions to councils and agencies on any matters of relevance to the health of the harbour and its contributing streams.   The following are links to key submissions:

Wellington Water and PCC application for Waste Water Treatment Plant upgrade consent:  The Trust has made a neutral submission on the application.  While the upgrade will improve the quality of the discharge from the plant overflows caused by cross connections and leaks in the pipes will continue to pollute the harbour and coastal waters.   The Trust urges action on improving in-pipe capacity and storage further up the chain in addition to improving the plant.  Submission on Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade consent application  

Greater Wellington Regional Council Long Term Plan:  Combined submission with GOPI made in late April.  The Trust and GOPI have asked the Council to be heard on the submission. Submission on GWRC draft long term plan

PCC Long Term plan.  Submission on the draft long term plan in late 2020.   The Trust will have the opportunity to make further contributions during the plan process in 2021. Submission on PCC draft ltp 2020

Greater Wellington Regional Council Parks plan:  Submission focusses on Belmont Regional Park and Battle Hill Farm.  2020 11 XX PHT submission on draft GWRC Parks Network Plan

PCC Climate Change Strategy:  Submission on the draft climate change strategy.  2020 10 30 Submission on PCC Climate Change Strategy

Plimmerton Farm subdivision:  The environmental consequences of the proposed Plimmerton Farm development are significant.   In common with GOPI and Friends of the Taupo Swamp PHT was active in making submissions around minimisation of potential harm to the harbour.  2020 06 30 PHT submission on PCC Proposed Plan Change 18- Plimmerton Farm

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