Porirua Harbour Trust

Funding Support for Schools

As part of the Porirua Harbour Trust’s education programme, we have welcomed funding from the Philipp Family Foundation, to help support low decile schools in the catchment. We believe that students should have the opportunity to learn about the harbour through field trips and action projects in their local area. Transport costs can mean that these trips are not always possible for some schools, which is why we have set up a fund to help provide support.

Schools can apply for funding to help cover the costs of transport for student trips to the harbour (or streams in the catchment). Please read the criteria below and then download the application form

Criteria for Funding:

– Schools must be in the Porirua Harbour catchment area (see catchment map)

– Schools must Decile 1-4 (some exceptions may be made for Decile 5 schools)

– Schools must not be currently undertaking the Healthy Harbours Porirua programme

– Each school can only apply for funding once each year


Commitment from Schools:

Schools that receive funding support are encouraged to commit to the following principles.

Student Action Project(s)

It is important that schools include student action projects, in whichever format works best for the learners or school (e.g. whole class action, individual actions etc). Action projects are not always ‘successful’, but there is an expectation that they will at least be attempted (and the skills involved covered in depth – including an evaluation of the success of the project).

Allow Evaluation and Reporting

The Education Coordinator will help teachers evaluate and report on their use of the Living Waters resource, particularly the student action projects. Schools should allow the Education Coordinator to report on their involvement, and document activities as appropriate (including taking photos and/or videos on field trips – with permission from students and teachers).

Long-Term and School-Wide Commitment

Schools should endeavour to embed this learning into their long-term and school-wide planning. It would be fantastic to see a school-wide commitment to focus on the issues surrounding Porirua Harbour and its catchment, where all students are involved in ongoing action projects in their local community.



Please complete the application form and email it to Rebecca: pht.education@gmail.com

You will receive a response within a week of application.




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