Porirua Harbour Trust

Annual Scorecard – Te Awarua O Porirua Harbour

22 Feb 2015

The Porirua Harbour Trust has completed it’s  second comprehensive “State of the Harbour” scorecard which reports on progress toward arresting the decline in harbour condition and returning it to a healthy and resilient state.

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In releasing the second annual scorecard the Chairperson of the Porirua Harbour Trust, Grant Baker mentioned the important role the Trust has in supporting the community, the councils, Ngati Toa and agency action to make positive changes to the ecosystems of the catchment and harbour.

The purpose of the scorecard said Mr Baker is to inform and engage with an ever widening range of interest groups and members of the community. The benchmarks are in place and this scorecard starts to show a small amount of progress from the first report to restoring the health of the harbour said Mr Baker.

Overall, when considering the longer term data available to the review team, the results show generally positive and progressive actions and improvement in harbour quality and condition over the last decade – with three notable exceptions:

  • significantly increasing amounts of soft mud in the subtidal areas,
  • generally poor water quality for swimming at the beaches and shellfish gathering areas and
  • many large items of rubbish continuing to find their way into the Porirua Stream mouth.

The Trust uses a review panel to consider data available from the Councils as well as the Trust’s own surveys and projects comprising  Grant Baker, Chairperson of the Porirua Harbour Trust; Lindsay Gow, Trustee of the Porirua Harbour Trust; Dr John McKoy, Marine Scientist and Clive Anstey, Landscape and Resource Planner.

Overall the second “State of the Harbour” report is encouraging with the recent actions by agencies starting to indicate progress toward restoring the harbour to a healthy state.

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