Porirua Harbour Trust

Porirua Stream Mouth Clean up

4 Nov 2014

The Annual clean up of the Porirua Stream mouth will be happening on Saturday 22nd November commencing at 4.15pm from just north of Pirates Cove on Wineera Drive.

This annual clean up is being run by Keep Porirua Beautiful inconjunction with the Porirua Harbour Trust and is carried out at low tide so that tyres, road cones and other large debris can be removed from the stream mouth and the intertidal zone of the delta. The results from the cleanup form aprt of the Annual Scorecard for the Trust.

If you want to help please ensure that you have gumboots or sturdy shoes and warm clothing just in case it is cold.

The clean up will be from 4.15 – 5.30pm and a barbacue and drink will be available after the event.

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